Passionate and driven, recently graduated designer actively seeking creative opportunities.

Why Graphic Design?

I discovered my passion for art when I was 14 and my grandma enrolled me in a graffiti art camp. Since then I would paint, draw, indulge in photography, and loved making sculptures. It was the perfect outlet to express myself, push myself in contests, and learn new skills constantly. Although, always creating I never dreamed of being in a creative field. I always thought I would be an elementary school teacher or in the medical field. That all changed when I went to a training at my job where we were doing a group exercise. The group exercise was to draw a logo representing Milwaukee. That is when it all clicked

Why haven’t I ever thought of becoming a graphic designer?“.

After doing a lot of research I realized this was he direction for me. I could be creative, challenged, and make a living. Since then I have been pushing myself to work on my degree as a full time student, working full time as a K4 teacher, and a mother. No matter if school was out or not I would find ways to practice my passion whether it is painting or freelance work

Cage The Elephant Poster
Concert Banner Ad

Areas of Interest


Print Design

My passion! I love creating posters, infographics, magazine covers/layouts, packaging designs, and more.


Digital Design

Social media advertising, banner ad, Rollover ads, videos with after effects, you name it I would love to make it.


Art Projects

Browse through some of my most recent fine art projects 

Iris is the perfect person to go to do business such as invitations, logo designs, etc. Iris made the invitations for my daughter's 1st birthday party. The invitations turned out amazing! She really listened to all the suggestions I had and made sure I was happy with the outcome. Iris takes pride in her work and it shows in the product.
SHelia Cruz
Invitation Design
I will highly recommend Iris for your next website, custom logos, marketing materials, etc. She's very responsive, fast, and friendly. She exceeds my expectations as a business owner and is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure she provides the best customer service. She's the best!!!!
Matthew Lawson (ink geeks)
Logo updates, file setups, and more

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